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Facts About France
eBook (PDF)

Christmas in France
 eBook (PDF)

French Christmas Jokes

Well-Known Stories
(guessing the titles in English)



Planet Earth (Eco)
Romance-Royal Wedding

Famous French People

St. Bernadette

La Cuisine Française

French Food 1

French Food 2

French Food 3

Healthy Eating

Easter in France (1)

Easter in France (2)

Easter in France (3)

William The Conqueror

Joan of Arc

Beginners Vocabulary

Food Vocabulary 1

Food Vocabulary 2

Le Pont d'Avignon.  

Classroom Commands

Random Nouns

Nouns + and/on/with

Eiffel Tower 

The Weather. 

French Football 1.

French Football 2. 

Bastille Day 1  

Bastille Day 2.   



Famous French Writers

Henri Rousseau 1
Henri Rousseau 2
Henri Rousseau 3

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Christmas in Spain
eBook (PDF)

Spanish Christmas Jokes

Well-Known Stories
(guessing the titles in English)

Spanish Food 1

Spanish Food 2                             
'Romance' (Royal Wedding)

Facts About Spain 

Facts About Spain 2

Facts About Spain 3

Easter In Spain

Easter in Spain  (2)


La Tomatina

La Feria de Sevilla

Las Fallas

Greetings and Phrases


Fruit and vegetables 1


Things that I like.

Fruit and vegetables 2

Summer Holidays

Spanish Football 1

Spanish Football 2

Pablo Picasso  



Catherine of Aragon

Halloween -Multilingual

Famous Spanish People


Spanish Jokes

Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz

El Cid


















Italian Food Facts 1

Italian Food Facts 2

Italian Food


Scary Italian Restaurant Worksheets

Unusual Italian Food Facts

In Town



'Romance' (Royal Wedding)

Easter In Italy

Facts about Italy 



Italian Nouns + un/una

Stromboli: The Volcano

Under The Sea.  

Italian Football 

Famous Italians.

Saint Francis of Assisi

La Bocca Della Verità

Il Lupo di Gubbio

Halloween -Multilingual

Mount Etna

Leonardo da Vinci



A Ghost Story

Italian Opera 1

Italian Opera 2

Italian Christmas 1

Italian Christmas 2

Il Ponte Vecchio

Le Meduse